The Eureka Factor

  • 4 JUN (Thursday) starting at 09.30 am
  • INESC TEC and Downtown Porto
  • Target Audience: students at U. Porto, IPP, U.Minho and UTAD, INESC TEC employees and former employees.
  • Gallery
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In January 2015, a group of young INESC TEC researchers was challenged to organise an irreverent and out-of-the-box science and technology event for students at U. Porto, IPP, U. Minho and UTAD (locations where INESC TEC has research groups), and for INESC TEC employees and former employees.
“The Eureka Factor” is a response to the challenge made to this group of researchers. On 4 June, the Via dos Institutos at FEUP Campus will be hosting a set of science and technology activities. Although all activities have specific target-audiences, they are open to the entire scientific and academic communities who want to attend (registration is required.


09.30 am Opening Session

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The goal with this entrepreneurship competition is to allow students, professors and collaborators at U. Porto, IPP, U. Minho and UTAD (higher education institutions connected to INESC TEC) to present an idea with business potential.

On the day of the event, the candidates will present their ideas to the audience and to a panel of judges:  Ana Rangel (2bpartner), Rui Rodrigues (Caixa Capital), Pedro Pinheiro (Change Partners), João Miguel Dias (ESVentures), José Costa (Invicta Angels) and Heitor Benfeito (Portugal Ventures), which will provide an interesting networking moment.

The panel of judges and the audience will elect the best proposals.

The best ideas will receive the following prizes:
1st place - 500€
2nd place - 250€
3rd place - 150€
4th to 6th places - 100€ per team.

01.00 pm Buffet lunch with musical performance

The lunch will take place at INESC TEC’s Auditorium A, and will include a musical performance by Ruben Lísias.
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Technology and science can also be applied to social problems.

In that sense, a survey was carried out on real problems/needs of the different actors of Social Economy (NGOs, charity organisations and social companies) in order to understand what kind of technological solutions would help these organisations solve those problems.

After collecting a number of needs, INESC TEC’s collaborators were challenged to work in teams to propose solutions in the form of ideas or prototypes. The technologies will be presented and evaluated on 4 June.

Prizes for the best ideas, prototypes or solutions after they are evaluated, by a panel of judges composed of members of the audience and representatives of organisations with an important role in social economics, CNIS (Lino Maia), Diretório da Economia Social (Américo Mendes), ANEM (Lurdes Silva), Musas (Luís Chambel) and representing INESC TEC, João Claro.
1st place - 550€ per team
2nd place - 500€ per team
3rd place - 450€ per team
4th and 5th places - 100€ per team (merit prizes)

About the teams

Information about the social problems identified: Case 1, Case 2 and Case 3.

Projects with social impact developed by INESC TEC: Examples.

Additional Information

04.30 pm Talks

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Over the last 30 years, INESC TEC has worked on numerous projects with a real impact on society.
Examples include projects that led to the launching of companies, patents or spin-offs.
The purpose of the “Talks” is to promote entrepreneurship and to bring to INESC TEC the know-how, testimonies and enthusiasm of these collaborators whose work would not have been possible without INESC TEC.

06.30 pm Closing Session with Concert

Performance of the INESC TEC Jazz Band, which will close the event in the tent.

08.30 pm Dinner Downtown

The event will continue in downtown Porto. The venue will be in "Venham mais 5".

11.30 pm Hard Concerts

The bands Purple Weed and Lyzzard will be performing at Maus Hábitos. Entrance - 3 euros per person.


Slide and Climbing - Throughout the day, all "Eureka Factor" participants will be able to do slide or climbing. These activities will take place near the entrance of INESC TEC’s building.

Time Capsule - The goal is to challenge INESC TEC collaborators to insert a sealed envelope in the Time Capsule. In the letter inserted in the envelope, the collaborators should explain how they believe their R&D Centre and INESC TEC will be in 10 years.

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INESC TEC for Dummies - Throughout the day, a sample of prototypes which represent the areas of expertise of the research centres will be on display at the INESC TEC tent. As part of this activity, participants will be invited to take part in a quiz on INESC TEC (limited time frame to solve the quiz: 4 hours). The participant with the highest score will receive a tablet. The tie-breaker will be the time spent to respond to the quiz.


bolseiros From left to right: Duarte Viveiros, Guilherme Amaral, Samuel Moniz and Luís Guimarães (back row), Hélder Oliveira, Francisco Maia, Ana Rita Tedim and Abílio Pacheco (front row).


This event wat supported by the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP), the Porto School of Engineering (ISEP) and the University of Porto’s Sports Centre (CDUP).

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