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Technology and science can also be applied to social problems. In that sense, a survey was carried out on real problems/needs of the different actors of Social Economy (NGOs, charity organisations and social companies) in order to understand what kind of technological solutions would help these organisations solve those problems. After collecting a number of needs, INESC TEC’s collaborators were challenged to work in teams to propose solutions in the form of ideas or prototypes. The technologies will be presented and evaluated on 4 June. (More informations)

Team 2:

equipa 1

Luís Trigo - INESC TEC (LIAAD)
Rui Sarmento - INESC TEC (LIAAD)
João Miller (University of Porto)

Global management of associates and donors

Solution for the Challenge: ANEM, case 2, No. 2 and 4


The proposed solution will include the identification and characterisation of patients with multiple sclerosis, as well as the management of members, donors and users of the National Multiple Sclerosis Association. We want to implement an integrated platform that meets the challenges of running a non-profit organisation in a proactive way.

Team 3: sFH - Solutions for HumanitYSFH

Joana Santos - INESC TEC (CROB)
João Teixeira - University of Porto

Information Architecture for a website for the DES

Solution to the Challenge: DES, case 1, No. 3


The Diretório da Economia Social (DES) aims to combine, in a single platform, information on all the elements in the Social System, including data from organisations, human resources, events, and other information.

SFH proposes an architecture that makes it possible to access all these contents in a simple and effective way. Our solution also includes some collaborative tools to facilitate the communication between all organisations.

Team 4: ig4si

Equipa 4 IG4SI

Catarina Félix de Oliveira - INESC TEC (CESE)
Ana Maria Lima Fernandes - INESC TEC (LIAAD)
Rui Luís Correia Dias - INESC TEC (CESE)

Information system for the DES

Solution to the Challenge: DES, case 1, No.4


Defining a website for the Diretório da Economia Social (DES) that makes it possible to search for and update information on the DES database.

Team 5: DIG


Pedro Abreu - INESC TEC (CESE)
Fábio Pinto - INESC TEC (LIAAD)
Vânia Almeida - INESC TEC (LIAAD)
Douglas Cardoso - INESC TEC (LIAAD)
Márcia Oliveira - INESC TEC (LIAAD)

EM CrowdHelping

Solution to the Challenge:  ANEM, case 2, No. 1 and 4


We want to strengthen the role of ANEM as a link between associates and society. Our sharing-based solution wants to meet the individual needs of associates, not only economically, but also to promote an active participation of patients with MS in society. Another important task will be collecting and analysing information on society, which we can use to identify new cases and the main problems, and also raise the population’s awareness of this illness.



Eduardo Marques Pereira - INESC TEC (CTM)
Kelwin Fernandes - INESC TEC (CTM)

HIT (HowIamToday)

Solution to the Challenge: ANEM, case 2


Because outbreaks are highly important in the way Multiple Sclerosis (MS) evolves as a chronic illness, it is very important to think of a solution that helps reduce the risk of outbreaks. Based on this, with our idea we try to promote personalised treatments that reduce the progression of MS. Our solution will allow institutions supporting MS sufferers, such as ANEM and hospitals, to remotely monitor their treatment, on a continuous basis, enabling aid and social actions. Complementarily, this idea will make it possible to identify new MS sufferers and register them in a digital network.

Team 7: soen


Gil Sampaio - INESC TEC (CPES)
Nuno Fulgêncio - INESC TEC (CPES)
Jorge Filipe - INESC TEC (CPES)

Social Technology Platform

Solution to the Challenge: DES, case 1


Do you want to use your knowledge to support social causes? Do you think that your contribution to a social cause  would be more significant in an area you are familiar with? Would it be important to you to help, while improving your technical skills?

The Social Technology Platform turns your knowledge and experience into social development. Interested?

Team 9: Social Lobe


Hugo Choupina - INESC TEC (C-BER)
Pedro Costa - INESC TEC (C-BER)
João Silva - INESC TEC (C-BER)
Mario Espinoza - INESC TEC (C-BER)
Maria do Carmo Vilas-Boas - INESC TEC (C-BER)

Identification and online registry of Multiple Sclerosis patients

Solution to the Challenge: ANEM, case 2


The goal with the solution proposed is to promote the advantages of registering and monitoring patients online. The proposal is in line with the ANEM’s annual activity programme, and comprises three main phases: identifying, registering and monitoring patients.

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