INESC TEC Forum in Autumn: Economy, Research, Development and Innovation


This is the first of a cycle of INESC TEC conferences to be organised in Autumn, annually or every two years, addressing different themes. The first forum will take place in October 2015 and will focus on R&D and Innovation as drivers of economic and social development in four areas:

1. Medicine and Systems Engineering: from prevention to intensive care;

2. Stimulating the Economy of the Sea: the new challenges and mineral resources in the new sovereign space

3. Energy Systems of the Future: the role of electricity

4. The role of Engineering and R+D+I in Social Challenges
Other than speeches from internationally renowned personalities from the European Commission, from the academic world and companies, there will be a set of panels in which the four areas mentioned above will be addressed, always trying to promote a strong interaction between the R+D+I system and the corporate world.

Real examples of the economic valorisation of results will also be showcased, with a particular emphasis on the role of interface institutions.


09:30 amOpening Session

Pedro Guedes de Oliveira (INESC TEC, FEUP)

09:45 amRikardo Bueno (Tecnalia)

10:30 amCoffee Break

11:05 amMike Wright (Imperial College)

11:50 amHeinrich Flegel (former vice president Daimler)

12:30 pmLunch and Networking

02:30 pmParallel Session on the themes of INESC TEC's TEC4

HEALTH: Medicine and Systems Engineering: from prevention to intensive care
Keynote Speaker: António Correia de Campos (Ex-ministro da Saúde)
Panel:  António Ferreira (HSJ)
              Henrique Barros (FMUP)
              Helena Canhão (Patient Innovation – UCP)
              Paulo Plácido (NOS Comunicações)
              João Paulo Cunha (INESC TEC, FEUP)

SEA: Boosting the Economy of the Sea - the new challenges and mineral resources in the new maritime area
Keynote Speaker: Manuel Pinto de Abreu (Secretário de Estado do Mar)
Panel:  Carlos Caxaria (EDM, S.A.)
              Carlos Martins (Martifer)
              Cláudia Pinheiro (A. Silva Matos Metalomecânica S.A.)
              Paulo Mónica (INESC TEC, FEUP)

ENERGY: Power Systems of the Future - the role of electricity
Keynote Speaker: Jorge Vasconcelos (NEWES)
Panel:  António Vidigal (EDP Inovação)
              Alberto Barbosa (EDP)
              Ângelo Ramalho (Alstom Portugal)
              João Peças Lopes (INESC TEC, FEUP)

INDUSTRY: The role of Engineering and R+D+I in Societal Challenges
Keynote Speaker: José Carlos Caldeira (ANI)
Panel:  Sérgio Salústio (Bosch)
              Daniel Bessa (COTEC)
              Paulo Pereira da Silva (Renova)
              Fortunato Frederico (Kyaia)
              Américo Azevedo (INESC TEC, FEUP)

05:00 pmPlenary session with speech by José Manuel Mendonça (chairman of INESC TEC)

05:30 pmNetworking and drinks


Pedro Guedes de Oliveira (INESC TEC and FEUP) - coordinator
Américo Azevedo (INESC TEC and FEUP)
Augustin Olivier (INESC TEC)
Bernardo Almada Lobo (INESC TEC and FEUP)
João Claro (INESC TEC and FEUP)
João Paulo Cunha (INESC TEC and FEUP)
Luís Seca (INESC TEC)

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