INESC TEC: 30 years of accomplishments

The year 2015 marks the 30th anniversary of INESC in Porto. To celebrate three decades of knowledge production and technology transfer, INESC TEC is preparing a set of scientific and cultural initiatives.

The Forum "Economy, R&D and Innovation”, the Conference "Interface Institutions in the Higher Education System”, or the "a.bel - New Interactive Music" Concert at Casa da Música are some of the initiatives, open to the entire INESC TEC community, that are now being planned. Although INESC TEC is celebrating its 30th anniversary, its spirit is young and irreverent – and this was the motto for the initiative "The Eureka Effect", promoted by young researchers.

imagens historia inesc

And because in three decades INESC in Porto has grown, renewed itself, embraced new research areas and established different clusters in various sites, the most relevant scientific and technological results will be immortalised in a commemorative book and in 30 thematic documentaries that will be broadcasted on television.

Created in 1985 to work as an interface between the academic and business (industry and services) worlds and public administration, in the areas of Information Technologies, Telecommunications and Electronics, INESC TEC (previously known as INESC Norte, INESC in Porto and INESC Porto) is present in six sites in the cities of Porto (headquarters), Braga and Vila Real, bringing together 12 R&D Centres and an Associate Unit with complementary skills, always looking to the international market.

Employing over 650 people (of which over 280 have PhDs), INESC TEC invests in complex science and technological development in Portugal, with a remarkable international presence. INESC TEC specialises not only in Scientific Research and Technological Development, but also in Consulting and Advanced Training, and the Launching of Technology-based Companies.

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