Conference: Interface Institutions in the Higher Education System

  • 9 DEC (Wednesday), starting at 9.30 am
  • FEUP’s Main Auditorium
  • Target audience:organisations within the National Scientific and Technological System, companies, researchers
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In a time of fast social, cultural and technological changes, Higher Education institutions are faced with multidisciplinary challenges that surpass the knowledge usually held by a single group of professors, researchers, or institutions. Research, one of the guarantees of the quality education provided to younger generations, is also one of the most important axis that make sure that the higher education system becomes internationally renowned, promoting human resources training and responding to the real needs of the social and economic fabric.

The goal with this conference it to create an opportunity to analyse, reflect on and discuss the role of Interface Institutions in the Higher Education system, putting into perspective the reasons that led to their creation and the factors that conditioned their development to the current model. Several speakers – from higher education institutions, regulatory and evaluation authorities, business fabric and society in general – will present their views on the themes discussed, creating an environment that will make it possible to predict future activities of interface institutions, having as reference the demands, challenges and perplexities that characterise present times.


09.30 amOpening session

Welcome session, Prof. Sebastião Feyo de Azevedo, Rector of the University of Porto;

Results of Interface Institutions in FEUP’s activity, Prof. José António Sarsfield Cabral;

Prof. Manuel Heitor, Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education: How interface institutions contribute to Portugal’s development – past and future

10.30 amCoffee Break

11.00 amInterface Institutions and the Mission of Higher Education Institutions

Moderator – Prof. António Torres Marques (INEGI);

Evaluation by Funding Entities, Prof. Maria Arménia Carrondo (President of FCT);

Perception of Higher Education Institutions - Prof. António Cunha (President of CRUP and President of the University of Minho), and Prof. Rosário Gambôa (President of the Polytechnic Institute of Porto);

Vision of Interface Institutions – Prof. José Manuel Tribolet (INESC), Prof. Carlos Salema (IT), Prof. Manuel Sobrinho Simões (IPATIMUP).

01.30 pmLunch

02.30 pmExperiences from Other Countries

Dr. Christer Norström, CEO at SICS (Sweden);

Prof. Dr. Georg Rosendfeld, Director Research do Fraunhofer - Gesellshaft (Germany);

Prof. Tullio Tolio, President of ITIA - CNR (Italy)

03.30 pmCoffee Break

04.00 pmPerfecting the Model

Roundtable moderated by the president of the CCDRN - Professor Emídio Gomes.

Interface Institutions and Higher Education Institutions: Relation strategy; Prof. António Cruz Serra (Rector of the University of Lisbon)

Interface Institutions and their connection to Society and Companies, Eng. Alberto Barbosa (Member of the Governing Board of the EDP Group), Dr. Manuel Carlos (President of APICCAPS), Dr. Miguel Stilwell (Executive Director at EDP)

Organisation and Governing Models, Prof. José Carlos Príncipe (University of Florida and INESC TEC)

5:15 pmDiscussion with the audience

06.00 pmClosing session

Discussion table with the Rectors of the Universities of Minho, Porto and Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro, the President of the Polytechnic Institute of Porto, and the President of INESC TEC.

Speech by the President of INESC TEC, Professor José Manuel Mendonça

06.30 pmPorto de honra (Port wine tasting) and visit to the art exhibition at INESC TEC

Exhibition 30 years: "Evidence of a technological image", by Prof. Adriano Rangel, David Conceição and João Mariano (FBAUP students).

Organising Committee

José Carlos Marques dos Santos(INESC TEC and FEUP) – Coordinator
Gabriel Torcato David (INESC TEC and FEUP)
João Barroso (INESC TEC and UTAD)
José Luís Santos (INESC TEC and FCUP)
Luís Barbosa (INESC TEC and UM)
Paula Viana (INESC TEC and IPP)

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