a.bel - New Interactive Music at Casa da Música

  • 26 OUT (Monday), starting at 9:30 pm
  • Casa da Música
  • Target audience: collaborators, partners and general public
  • Gallery


Smartphones is an invaluable object to a significant part of the population, as they allow us to be in permanent contact with the world, providing an increasing number of forms of interaction and multimedia capacities. Nevertheless, in this relationship we see smartphones as personal devices we use to communicate, share, work and play, individually or through online services. They are also seen as potentially disruptive objects of social collective experiences, and for that reason their owners are often asked to switch them of in concerts. Until now.

In the "a.bel - New Interactive Music" concert, at Casa da Música, the audience’s smartphones will also be part of the show. This concert will celebrate the impact that technology has on music, and present, in a world first, part of INESC TEC’s contribution in this domain. The network of hundreds of smartphones and the audio-visual capacities of each device will be explored in a way that will bring the audience closer to the performers, establishing a dialogue that explores the vocabulary created by a group of composers for this occasion.

In this world premiere, you will be able to use your smartphone to actively participate in the concert! Using the content developed by the artists, you will easily interact with the musicians on stage and the remaining members of the audience, in a common sharing space.

A free mobile app has been developed for Android and iOS for the audience to perform with their smartphones. The app, called a.bel, is now available on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

For the concert to succeed, the audience should have their smartphones fully charged on 26 October and the a.bel app downloaded. Upon entering the Sala Suggia,  the device should be put on flight mode and connected to the Wi-Fi network provided specifically by INESC TEC and Casa da Música. Inside the concert hall, please make sure that your seat corresponds to the seat number on your ticket. After that, all you have to do is press “go!” for the smartphone to connect to the network.

In the leaflet provided with the ticket, please find the a.bel logo and download the specific contents for each seat using the QR code shown. After that, you are ready for the performance.If you have any problem installing the app, please send your queries to the following e-mail address: a.bel@inesctec.pt


09.30 pma.bel - New Interactive Music Concert, Commemorative Concert of the 30th anniversary of INESC in Porto

Music by Carlos Guedes (INESC TEC, NYU Abu Dhabi), José Alberto Gomes (Casa da Música), Neil Leonard (Berklee College of Music, Boston USA), and Rui Penha (INESC TEC, FEUP);

Performers: André Dias, Gilberto Bernardes (INESC TEC) and Digitópia Collective.

10.30 pmParty with DJ for INESC TEC collaborators | Casa da Música Restaurant

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