30 Years / 30 Documentaries

  • Broadcasted on television
  • Target audience: General public

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, INESC TEC is producing a set of 30 short, 10-minute long documentaries for television. A summary documentary is also planned, as well as an illustrated, quality book, in Portuguese and in English. The goal with these documentaries is to show the general public the economic and social impact that INESC TEC has on society and companies.

29th "INESC TEC in Health: Looking after your health"

This documentary shows how information systems can be used to improve healthcare and the efficiency of hospital units.

28th "Data mining: The signs of  wonderful world"

Using data mining tools, INESC TEC helps companies take the best of massive amounts of data. This documentary explains the impact that this research area has on society and companies.

27th "Human Resources and Internationalisation: league of nations"

INESC TEC believes that providing advanced training to human resources is key. With over 650 researchers, of which 270 have PhDs, the institution annually receives dozens of collaborators from all over the world. In most cases, these collaborators then find jobs in some of the most important companies around the globe.

26th Business incubation and technology transfer: Solutions for success

Since 2002, 10 spin-offs were pre-incubated at INESC TEC. The launching of market-oriented technology-based companies meets the institution’s technology transfer goals.

25th Surveillance and Monitoring: For a better and safer world

This documentary features remote solutions developed by INESC TEC for surveillance and monitoring of events and people in open and closed spaces, for security and well-being purposes.

24th Cryptography and Security: The danger next door

Digital identity fraud is one of the greatest dangers on the Internet today. This is one of areas where INESC TEC operates, developing systems and applications to protect the identity of citizens. This and other themes are documented in this episode.

23th Information Technologies: innovation in urban mobility

The documentary “Information Technologies: innovation in urban mobility” depicts the role of research in the evolution of mobility in the city of Porto.

22th Serious Games: Playing for a good cause

Virtual games are not just entertaining. In this documentary, INESC TEC shows how serious games can be useful in physical rehabilitation or in teaching.

21th INESC TEC and Public Policy: Anticipating the Future

INESC TEC provides strategic consulting to the Portuguese Government in areas such as industry, energy, telecommunications, health, information systems or management of science. This documentary shows how research and science can and should be at the service of public policies.

 20ºth Chronic illnesses: Living with the disease

Kidney disease, cancer or diabetes are some of the pathologies addressed in this documentary, which shows how science can help treat and prevent certain illnesses.

19ºth Documentary: "Computerising administration: innovation and intelligence"

Computerising local authorities was INESC TEC’s main mission with public administration in the mid-1980s. Ever since then, INESC TEC has worked with other institutions in order to make their information systems more innovative and intelligent.

18ºth Documentary: "Media: The digital revolution"

The documentary "Media: the digital revolution" illustrates the advances and setbacks of information technologies in audiovisual media and INESC TEC’s legacy in the media industry.

17ºth Documentary: "Networks and Supply Chains: Unity is strength"

Focusing on our vast business experience, at the Centre for Enterprise Systems Engineering (CESE) we make an important contribution to Collaborative Business Networks, organising and managing collaborative processes and developing models to represent interorganisational processes.

16ºth Documentary: "Personalised health: medicine made for you"

Wearables, online therapy, personalised responses in healthcare: the paradigm of medicine is changing and INESC TEC plays a fundamental role in this change. This documentary describes INESC TEC’s work in the health sector, which dates back to the 1980s.

15ºth documentary: “Technology and Sports: Faster, higher, stronger”

The documentary “Technology and Sports: Faster, higher, stronger” demonstrates the impact of the research conducted at INESC TEC, which focuses on improving the performance of athletes.

14ºth documentary:Business Reorganisation and Modernisation: Ultimate challenge

The documentary “Business Reorganisation and Modernisation: Ultimate challenge” focuses on the solutions developed by INESC TEC to respond to the complexities of manufacturing, including production simulation tools that try to recreate all the manufacturing variables in a factory. These solutions are already being used by companies such as IKEA, JPM or Sistrade.

13ºth documentary: Business Planning Support Systems : Software is the essence of business

The documentary highlights INESC TEC’s multidisciplinary work in operations planning support systems, with a particular emphasis on the organisation of productive processes and work methods, and on the improvement of products developed by companies.

12ºth documentary: Renewable Energies: Good for the environment

Wind power is the main theme of this documentary, which focuses on INESC TEC’s contribution to the integration of renewable energies, particularly wind power, in the power system, and to the definition of environment-friendly policies.

11ºth documentary: Marine Robotics: High-risk operations

INESC TEC has been conducting research in marine robotics since 2009. Project ICARUS is a good example of the institution’s commitment to developing technologies for the sea, such as robotic tools to aid rescue teams in search and rescue operations.

10th: "Retail and Logistics: behind the shelves"

This documentary depicts INESC TEC’s research in Retail and Logistics and the institution’s contribution to improve the distribution processes and product supply, as well as store environment management. Sonae MC, the Cooprofar-Medlog Group and InovRetail are examples of successful partnerships.

9th: "Smart grids: At the speed of light"

Smart grids, smart meters or the new energy paradigm are some of the themes addressed in this documentary, which highlights the impact of INESC TEC’s R&D in the area of power and energy systems.

8th: "Inseparable worlds: wine and cork"

Located in one of the major wine-producing regions in Portugal, INESC TEC and the University of Porto were bound to join forces in this sector. This documentary reveals INESC TEC’s contribution to the wine and cork sectors, focusing on innovative technologies and software applied in this field.

7th Documentary: "Aquaculture – Like fish in the water"

Aquaculture is growing at a fast pace. This documentary shows INESC TEC’s scientific contribution in this area, such as the creation of monitoring solutions to control the quality of fish and fish farming environments.

6th Documentary: "Electric vehicles: The future on wheels"

The documentary “Electric vehicles: The future on wheels” depicts the current scene of electric mobility in Portugal, with a particular emphasis on INESC TEC’s research in this field.

5th documentary:"Internet: Sailing on uncharted waters"

The documentary “Internet: Sailing on uncharted waters” addresses INESC TEC’s research in maritime communications. This episode focuses on a project on wireless communications in fishing boats along the coast.

4th documentary: "Industrial Robotics - A brave new world"

The documentary “Industrial Robotics: A brave new world” addresses the research conducted at INESC TEC in the area of industrial robotics, focusing on projects developed in partnership with the companies FLUPOL, Deltamatic and TALUS, and with the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto.

3rd Documentary: “Portuguese footwear: You make your way by walking”

The documentary “Portuguese Footwear - You make your way by walking” depicts INESC TEC’s contribution to the footwear industry, identifying successful projects and partnerships. INESC TEC has been actively contributing to improving the productivity of the footwear sector, developing new production methods and innovative systems. In this area, INESC TEC works together with companies in the sector, as well as technology suppliers and the Portuguese Footwear Centre (Centro Tecnológico do Calçado de Portugal, CTCP), offering expertise, technology and solutions to improve the performance of this industry.This is the third episode of a series of thematic documentaries, with a duration of about 10 minutes, produced as part of  the 30th anniversary of INESC in Porto.

2nd Documentary: “Sensors: the revolution of optical fibres”

The documentary “Sensors: the revolution of optical fibres” focuses on the research that INESC TEC conducts in the areas of optical fibres and sensors, featuring projects such as the ECOAL - MGT (Ecological Management of Coal Waste Piles in Combustion). As part of this project, INESC TEC has installed optical fibre sensors in the coal waste piles of S. Pedro da Cova, Portugal. The documentary also addresses the origins of the launching of INESC TEC’s spin-off company, FiberSensing, now called HBM/FiberSensing.

1st Documentary: “Music and technology: the sounds of the future”

The documentary “Music and technology: the sounds of the future” is based on the research that INESC TEC conducts in the area of music technology, focusing on several successful projects and their impact on society. This is the case, for example, of project “Digitópia – Platform for the Development of Digital Music Communities”, developed by a Consortium composed of Casa da Música, INESC TEC, Escola Superior de Música, Artes e Espectáculo (ESMAE) and Universidade Católica Portuguesa (UCP).

Automatic music generation, audio processing and music robotics are the other themes addressed in the documentary, which features statements from members of Casa da Música, the Matosinhos Jazz Orchestra and Universidade Católica.

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